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We Leave Your Carpets 6X Drier & Cleaner.


TruBlu is a leading carpet cleaning company offering a full suite of commercial cleaning services NJ. Based in Hammonton, we offer full service janitorial, office cleaning NJ and carpet care to businesses in the South Jersey area.

South Jersey Carpet Cleaning

We use the revolutionary DriMaster’s™ Jetless Cleaning Technology. Using this process results in faster, better and more thorough cleaning leaving carpet 6 X drier than the same carpet cleaned with a scrub wand. Independent laboratory testing* shows that the Rotary DriMaster (RDM) leaves 85% less residual moisture after cleaning compared to a wand.


Steam Cleaning / Hot Water Extraction

We use hot liquid sprayed under pressure into your carpet and concurrently vacuum it back out along with all the soil. This hot water extraction method contains a cleaning solution to remove all the dirt and grime from your carpet.

Previous cleaning can often leave detergents and other residue in your carpet. Using our method, we not only remove the soil, but the previous detergents that were left behind are extracted as well.

Using a truck-mounted system, our technicians can use hot water at a high temperature activating a chemical reaction helping to draw soil from the carpet. This system is powered by our vehicle engines rather than using our customers electricity.

As experts in office cleaning NJ, our cleaning method will leave your office with a clean and healthier carpet. We are committed to providing the highest quality of cleaning and customer service to all of our commercial clients. This is what makes TruBlu the #1 choice when it comes to commercial cleaning services in NJ.


Once we arrive, we will:

  1. We will make note of any heavily soiled areas or traffic patterns on your carpet during our pre-inspection process.
  2. After the inspection process is complete, we will determine exactly what needs to be done and will discuss this with you in detail.
  3. *If furniture needs to be moved, we will do so cautiously with the utmost respect for your property (with the exception of very large items such as pianos, cabinets, armoires, etc.).
  4. Using our HEPA filtration backpack vacuum, we will prepare/pre-vacuum the cleaning area removing any debris.
  5. The cleaning area will be pre-conditioned with detergent to loosen any dirt particles to ensure the most thorough cleaning.
  6. Using our potent Truck-Mounted Hot Water Extraction Method, we will deep clean the entire area.
  7. *The area will be deodorized and Scotch Guard Carpet Protector applied.
  8. To ensure fast drying, we will place air movers around the room as carpets are being cleaned (typically dry within 3-4 hours; varies depending on temperature).
  9. If furniture has been moved, we will return it to its original location placing protective pads underneath.
  10. Groom the carpet (not all carpets can be groomed).
  11. A professional customer service representative will follow up within 1-2 days to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our work. “If a spot comes back, so will we!”

Note: While our powerful, truck-mounted vacuum system eliminates virtually all of the moisture instantaneously; your carpet or upholstery may still be damp to the touch.

*There may be an extra charge for this service. A team member will review additional options with your prior to cleaning so that there will no surprises before we start the work.


Post Process

  1. We will complete a final Inspection to ensure that the cleaning has met our exceedingly high standards. Our goal is nothing less than your 100% complete satisfaction.
  2. We will provide a folder containing carpet care maintenance information for your reference.


Very large items like pianos, china cabinets, entertainment armoires, etc.will not be moved. Small furniture items will be moved and no additional cost to you

Extra charges may be incurred in extreme cases where a large amount of furniture needs to be moved, the items are oversized (think Piano) or potentially fragile/breakable.

Our technicians will inform you before moving the furniture, this way you have the option of refusing this service.

We do ask that our customers take the responsibility of advising our technicians about any special concerns regarding furniture items before they are moved, such as weak legs, or loose parts.

To schedule service or for a free no obligation appointment, call us at (609) 561-1602 today!

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South Jersey Tile and Grout Cleaning

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